The history of the Misasakai

It is said that sailors in Great Britain began rowing competitively in Japan in 1869(Meiji 2). Tokyo University and Hitotsubashi University held the very first domestic rowing championship in 1887(Meiji 20). After that it began being held all over Japan. The 1st Interuniversity Regatta between Waseda and Keio was held on the Sumida River in 1905(Meiji 38). Subsequently it spread around other universities throughout Japan. From the Taisho era shell boats started being built and the first race with shell boats took place in 1919(Taisho 8). The Japan Rowing Association was established in 1920(Taisho 9) and Japan participated in the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928(Showa 3).

Hiroshima Teachers College which was one of the forerunners of Hiroshima University began to row competitive boats in the Motoyasu River around 1891(Meiji 24). Rowing events as a water sport were popular in Hiroshima during the Meiji era after a race by some joint undergraduates living in Hiroshima was opened in the upper reaches of the Ky?bashi River for the first time in 1898(Meiji 31). Hiroshima High School was then under the old education system which was founded in 1924(Taisho 13). Its rowing club was strong. The interclub matches between Hiroshima High School and Hiroshima Teachers College were held near the Miyuki Bridge for the first time in 1938(Showa 13).

Hiroshima University during the new system made a start in 1949(Showa 24) and the present rowing club was founded by taking over a boat from Hiroshima High School from the old system. As well, the Hiroshima Rowing Association (HRA) was established in 1949(Showa 24). There were many people involved who played key roles in helping to get the HRA on its feet.

Old style 6 people fixed seat boats (immovable seats) were up until then, the switchover to slide seats boats then took over. The gknuckle foursh which had stability were adopted in Japanese sports events. On the other hand, boats mainly used by universities were shell boats of standard International Races. There were many race events from single sculls to shell eights.

The Hiroshima Rowing Club reached 60th anniversary last year since its initial establishment of 1949(Showa 24), thus surviving two imperial eras.